Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Halloween Success at a Price

This Halloween, just like last Halloween, was a nightmare in the costume department. The search began in early October and concluded with about a week to spare. The quest? Not unlike the actual cast of Lord of the Rings, we made our trek to the Mount Doom of Costume shops (you know, that "let's set up a store for a month and call it something like 'Halloween Express' where we can charge exorbitant prices for a couple of pieces of felt embellished with five and dime sequins"). The story was the same as last year as the selections for "pre-teens" were an abomination. As an aside, someone at the Washington Post must have read my blog last year since there was a great article about just this very topic right around Halloween...

In any case, all the poor selections led me right to the Mines of Moria....yes, I had to delve into cyberspace to find something appropriate for my daughter and son to wear. I might as well have purchased Mithril as the cost of those "felt and sequins" was a bit over the top. I'm actually embarrassed to say that over a hundred bucks left my pocket like a flying monkey (oops, that's a different movie!)

I'm thinkin' ...whatever happened to those old-fashioned, home-made costumes of yesteryear. I recall seeing many a gypsy and hobo back-in-the-day. Hey Julie and Z, I think I might be "on" to something here! (I know what they're thinkin'..."thank goodness it's a year 'til next Halloween...she'll forget that plan by then!")



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