Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Electronic Democracy and Marillion

Back in the spring, I mentioned how I am part of an international team of researchers working on a multi-year project on online consultation and public policy making. Well, in a couple of day the group will be meeting at the University of Leeds for its second set of face-to-face sessions. This time our main task will be to make progress on the book, tentatively titled (R)E-Connecting Democracy: Comparative Perspectives on Information Technology and the Revitalization of Governance, we have all pledged to write together. For my part, I have prepared a short draft for one of the chapters that may shape up to be my central contribution to the volume. We'll see how it flies with my colleagues!

In the meantime, it just so happens that Marillion is embarking on a two-week holiday season tour of some of their hot spots. This includes a gig in Manchester one of the days I'll be in Leeds. How about that!? It goes without saying that we'll be jumping on the train that evening for the one-hour ride from Leeds to Manchester.

Did I say "we?" For years, it has been one of Desi's dreams to see Marillion in the UK, on their home turf. Once she heard about the Manchester concert, it was a done deal. No flying solo for me this time! "Somewhere Else," here we come...



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