Monday, October 22, 2007

Way To Go Rutgers!

One of the great things about spending a weekend in North Carolina is that you get to immerse yourself in the state's great college sports scene.

With so many schools in such close proximity, good-natured rivalries abound. (That's one kind of diversity DC sorely lacks. With one team in each professional league, there is nothing but venom for fans of organizations other than, say, the Redskins.)

The rivalries just have to be more fun than mean-spirited down there. The person who works next to you, your good friends, and even your parents, spouse, and kids are likely fans of some other North Carolina school. Take our good friends the Blakes, for instance. Dawn (who had a certain Ms. Neidenbach for bio way back when) is a Dukie, while her husband Tim is a State fan. Luckily, they can both unite, because Dawn's dad is a Tar Heel. ABC baby!

In the midst of all of this, I bucked the trend and wore some Rutgers togs to the North Carolina State Fair this past weekend. Turns out it was the right choice! You see, RU had just won a dramatic victory over South Florida the night before on national television. The rare sight of Rutgers in Raleigh was enough to lead plenty of fair goers to approach me with kind questions and words:

How did your boys do last night?
Now there's a happy guy!
You must be enjoying your fifteen minutes of fame!
What a great finish!

Now that was some wholesome sports fun! Can I get a refill on that sweet tea?



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