Monday, October 22, 2007

They've Got a Good Thing Growin'

One of our favorite trips of the year (and given our trip record, that's quite a billing!) is not to somewhere exotic nor is it during one of our summer extravaganzas...No, this excursion is one that combines hometown appeal with the familiarity of our past. It includes great friends, great food and great fun. Every year school lets out for a 3 day weekend in October (MSTA Convention) that just happens to coincide with The North Carolina State Fair. This windfall offers the chance at a perfect getaway to one of our top spots.

Sandwiched between late-night talks with "old but not-so-old friends" and the North-South Invitational (a story in itself) is a six hour feast for the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Ever since our first time at the fair in 1990, Steve and I have been hooked and have made mammoth efforts to attend each year (except the year that Julie was born and we had just moved to Maryland).

Oh, what a treat to hear Smokey the Bear chow down on roasted corn, London broil sandwiches, french fries, corn dogs, maple sugar cotton candy and Mount Olive ride a giant Ferris wheel and watch the kids bang into the glass walls of the fun house while belly-laughing see the "World's Largest Snake" or meet the "World's Smallest Woman" view a horse show or a cow competition...

Now that's pig racin'!!!



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