Monday, October 15, 2007

Surprise, surprise! We spent part of this past weekend attending the open houses of two local Catholic high schools. Yes, now that Julie is in seventh grade, it's time to check out the local education scene for the next level (about which we, as transplants, know essentially nothing about), so she is ready to apply this time next year.

"You gotta be kiddin' me," was what I was thinking. I mean, how hard can all of this be? IT'S HIGH SCHOOL!!!

Well, am I glad we went, for a number of reasons.

First of all, Julie was really gung-ho about seeing one of the high schools--Georgetown Visitation--that had an open house this weekend. I guess there was a lot of chatter about this particular school among some of her friends. Sure, Julie has spent a lot of time at Blair with Desi, but she was very curious as to how a Catholic high school environment would be similar and different to what she has seen in the public school setting. Plus, there is the fact that Visitation is an all-girls campus. Julie wanted to see how single-sex education would come across to her.

The second reason these visits were really neat is that both Visitation and Holy Child, the other school we checked out, are very, very impressive and beautiful. Visitation, as the name suggests, is adjacent to Georgetown University's campus. It is therefore in a historic DC neighborhood with lots of tall trees and old buildings. (The school itself dates to 1799.) For its part, Holy Child is out in Maryland horse country, with white pickets fences surrounding the pristine and modern-looking campus.

If there was a downside to all of this, it is the combination of how much Julie (and we) liked both schools and their respective price tags. As we told Julie, it's up to her to have fun and choose a school she will feel comfortable in. And it's up to Desi and me to figure out how to pay the bills! On this latter score, we have set up a website,, to help us raise funds for this worthwhile educational cause. We accept all major credit cards and can easily set up a monthly automatic debit from your bank account if that makes things easier. We thank you in advance for your generosity!



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