Friday, September 28, 2007

Ticket Master

In keeping with the concert theme, here's the setup I used the other day to score tickets to one of the Boss's upcoming shows here in DC. The computer and Internet connection, of course, were the key items, but there was also:

Seating chart to get a quick read on how good or bad things are (you only have a minute or two to decide whether to buy the tickets that come up or throw them back into the mix and try again).

Advertisement from the paper, which has the Ticketmaster phone numbers (which by ticket time, of course, are programmed into the cell phone.

American Express card. The card number is already entered into the Ticketmaster system, but just in case something goes wrong, the numbers are right there by my side. (You get like a minute or two at that screen as well.)

All of this is in place well before ticket time. A few minutes before the sale starts, I begin dialing the numbers and clicking on the website. It is a system that has worked well over the years. We've been leaning against the stage, in the very front row, on more than one occasion (including last year at one of the best Bruce shows we've ever seen) . Truth be told, we've also been in the very last row. This was at Giants Stadium a few years back. It lead to a really neat experience for me, actually. When Bruce and the band kicked into Empty Sky, I was able to look over the Meadowlands, out to the New York skyline where the towers had once stood. Pretty surreal.

So what happened this time? I get into the Ticketmaster website at 10:04. (Never was able to get through by phone.) The tickets are gone! What's the fallback? Well, looking at the tour schedule, there is clearly an opening to add a second DC show, so that's now my focus. And sure enough, at 10:15, another show turns up on Ticketmaster. I'm in on that one by 10:16 and come out a minute or two later with 100 level seats. Not the best score ever, but all in all not bad.

Bring it on Bruce!



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