Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Of Progressive Rock and Synth Pop Ballads

The other night we went to a concert that no critic is ever going to give a good review. Yet it was a concert that we enjoyed thoroughly, for a lot of reasons.

For one thing, the band performing was Genesis, a group that hasn't played together in something like 15 years. So the chance to see a truly legendary act once more was neat. It was especially great for the kids, as they had (of course) never witnessed the spectacle that is a Genesis concert.

The spectacle itself was another reason the concert was so much fun. You see, Genesis has always been known for its stunning light shows and multimedia effects. With all of the advances that have taken place in digital technology over the past decade or so, we were looking forward to seeing just how Genesis would put these new toys to use. And they didn't disappoint. There was a huge screen of sorts that was draped across the entire back of the stage setup. This screen was filled with all sorts of images throughout the night:

Firth of Fifth. Daryl Stuermer's guitar solo could be seen "up close" and much, much larger than life.

I Know What I Like. Images of the band from their early years moved by on the screen as the band worked its way through this all-time classic. There was even Peter Gabriel dressed up as a flower.

Domino. As armageddon arrives, Phil Collins leaves the stage and sings the "blood on the windows" section from somewhere out of sight. The image of his face is beamed in a very ethereal way onto the screen.

Throwing It All Away. The band performs one of its most popular numbers with video of audience members dancing and singing along thrown up on the screen. It was mostly good, clean fun...

In all, a great mix of fifteen-minute progressive rock jams with some hit songs worked in. The Carpet Crawlers as the show's finale was particularly memorable, and Desi, Julie, and Z discovered just what a beautiful song Ripples truly is. Given how well the band played, I say make another album and turn it on again and again...



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