Thursday, August 02, 2007

So Where Are We And What Is a Sea Loft?

After a month of living on the road, we have settled in this week at our favorite spot of them all...Hilton Head Island. For us, Harbour Town is indeed (as Gregg Russell says) "the greatest little town in the world." There are lots of reasons we think this...the Sea Pines Beach Club, the harbor itself, Giuseppi's, the Salty Dog, the bike paths, the Plantation Club and Harbour Town Golf Links. Harbour Town is also where we got engaged all those years ago!

This time around, were are staying in a Sea Loft. This is basically a circular house that is raised more than ten feet off the ground, with windows the whole way around. It is surrounded by live oaks, palmettos, saw palms, and tidal marsh. All of which means is that we are way more likely to see deer and great blue herons than we are other people. More on the people and places of Hilton Head to come...



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