Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rub Fest '07 Begins!

So what do you do when you've been on the road for more than a month and then find yourself back home?

Do you jump right back into the comforts of home? (Hello Natuzzi and Sogno!)

Do you try to bring the road with you as you reorient yourself to everyday life? (Dingos in church!)

If you're us, you do both! Rub Fest '07 began the other day, combining the best in home cooking (on our old school Weber grill) with the best in Memphis seasoning. First up was the rub from Blues City Cafe. We sprinkled it generously on some chicken breasts and then let the charcoal take over. So how did we do?

Well, for me it was the gift that kept on giving, as I not only got a dinner out of it, but the next two days' lunches as well. But what about the rest of the Ballas?

Z: It was awesome! I give it a 10. (This is from an "allegedly" fussy eater.)

Julie: It was delicious!

Desi: Very tasty. Looking forward to more of the same, especially when we get to the sauces. (This is from a definite sauce lover. Have some pasta with your marinara, Des...)

Z: I like rubs better than sauces. (Gotta disagree with Mom...welcome to Desi's world!)



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