Friday, August 03, 2007

Let's Boogie!

The main attraction here at Hilton Head, of course, is the beach. One of the reasons the Sea Pines Beach Club is my favorite beach anywhere is the water. Thanks to the gulf stream, the water temperature hovers in the low to mid 80s, which is comfortable even for skinny guys like Z and me!

And then there is the beach itself. Hilton Head has a very flat beach that gradually slopes down. What this means is that there is a dramatic difference in the beach at high tide and low tide. Low tide is particularly fun, with a beach that stretches out for what seems like forever from the dunes to the edge of the water. With fine, packed sand, and plenty of space, this allows for bike riding, volleyball games, Frisbee and football tossing, and whatever else you might like to spend the day doing under the sun.

And the fun continues in water. The flat beach produces a long, gentle, rolling surf. Nothing like those northern beaches Desi and I grew up with, where you have this big drop off in the sand that produces large, crashing waves! (Although that was a ton of fun, it is a wonder that we lived to tell about it! I personally remember the lifeguards pulling people out of the water all the time.) So surfing is definitely out...but boogie boarding is definitely in! I can't tell you how many hours this week I have spent hanging onto a boogie board, looking for that perfect microwave...



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