Friday, August 03, 2007

Leave Your Car At Home

Our aim, whenever we get to Hilton Head, is to drive our car as little as possible. We bike to the beach. We bike to Harbour Town. We bike to South Beach Marina. We bike to Giuseppi's. Basically, we bike wherever we go in Sea Pines (except the Plantation Club...we haven't yet figured out a way to carry golf clubs on our backs!).

The riding itself is some of the best we have found anywhere. The Sea Pines trails wind below canopies of tall pines and live oaks. Here is what the riding Ballas have to say about biking in Hilton Head:

Julie: I love the sites you get to ride past and I love the turns on the trails...they are fun!

Z: I love going through the gate at Sea Pines because you get to type in the numbers that let you in.

Desi: The trails are very fragrant and nicely manicured.

Ride Ballas, Ride!



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