Monday, August 27, 2007

The C&O Canal Project

Many years ago, we started a fun little project. We somehow decided it would be neat to take a picture of us at each one of the locks along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

Now, this is no trivial undertaking. The C&O Canal (I believe a brainchild of none other than George Washington) runs for 184.5 miles, from Georgetown in Washington, DC all the way out to Cumberland in the western Maryland mountains. Along the way, the canal gains 605 feet in elevation, necessitating the construction of 74 lift locks. (You can, by the way, take a ride in a canal boat through Lock 4 in Georgetown, as well as ride in a brand new boat out at Great Falls, near Lock 20.)

From the beginning, we decided this would not be something we obsess over. Rather, whenever we are on one of our biking or hiking adventures somewhere on or near the canal, we would be sure to have our camera with us, to snap a picture if we came upon a lock. We keep the resulting collection in a photo album all its own.

So how are we doing? Right now, we stand at 38 locks captured. Desi takes most of the pictures, so she so far appears at only one lock, Lock 29. Duke appears in two pictures (Locks 19 and 20). This gives you an idea of how long we've been at this. Cameron has so far made it into one picture (Lock 8), while Blue has yet to find her way into the album. (We snapped a couple of pictures recently with Song Wei in them, but it turns out these were locks we had already cataloged many years ago, when the kids were little...sorry Song Wei!)

Here are the locks we have pictures of so far:

Locks 1-10
Locks 12-14 (No idea why we're missing Lock 11, but that's nearby, so easy to remedy.)
Locks 17-22
Locks 25-37 (Which takes us out to Harper's Ferry, WV.)
Locks 51-56 (These are in the Hancock area, one of our favorite local weekend getaways.)

A couple of things that come to light when looking at this assortment of images.

We are at the canal in all seasons. (There are pictures not only of summer, but also of leaves turning colors and snow on the ground.)

Julie and Z used to be barely taller than the lock signs! (Which aren't very tall, by the way.)

I used to have hair!



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