Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ze Natchez

Baannnnnn!!! The red wheel of the Natchez started to turn as the horn blew. We started off at a slow pace but sped up as the wheel spun faster and faster.

The four of us took a look around the boat. I had just bought sodas for all of us. Once we had a look around Julie and I took a look around by ourselves. First we took a look in the gift shop, which spring an idea in my mind that we could buy Mom and Dad gifts. Once Julie paid we made a plan to go up to them and put the Natchez necklaces around their necks. We did so and got many thanks.

Then we went off to explore. We walked around then went to a bathroom. While we were in there we heard noises and were afraid we had docked and Mom and Dad would be looking for us. Luckily for us it had only been one hour thirty minutes. The ride went for two hours so we spent the rest with Mom and Dad.



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