Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Weirdness of Grand Canyon Caverns

For us, Grand Canyon Caverns is a very strange place. It is our last stop before the long road and hike to the Havasupai Reservation. Our aim, as Z mentioned in a previous post, is to begin the hike down from the rim at 4:30 am, so as to avoid the 100-plus degree desert temperatures. This means leaving from Grand Canyon Caverns (the nearest motel to Hualapai Hilltop) at 3 am (dodging mule deer in the dark!). Which, of course, means getting up earlier than that. So we are always in this mindset that we need to be in bed by 7 pm. Which, in the middle of the summer, is just...weird.

On top of our personally-induced weirdness, there is also the strange vibe of the place itself. This is really Route 66 in a time warp. It is not some reconstructed tourist trap. Yes, the original dinosaurs are still stalking passing motorists (of which there aren't very many). And then there are more modern oddities. We wanted to make a few last phone calls before "going dark" (in our best Jack Bauer fashion). To get cell phone access, however, you need to drive about a mile or so up this side road, to a water tower. The water tower, you see, is the local high point and a place where you can receive a cell phone signal.

On the other extreme, there is free wifi access right on the premises. Go figure...



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