Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sliding Jail Zai Nar

As we travel around, we usually know exactly where every place we are going is, from hotels to restaurants to attractions...thanks to a binder that we put together before the trip. So it was with quiet confidence that we drove up the side of a mountain to Jerome, Arizona, which bills itself as the most vertical town in America and also the largest ghost town of them all. Jerome isn't all that big, so how hard could it be to find what we were looking for?

One of our main points of interest was Sliding Jail. Apparently, some time ago, the town shifted...I think because of all of the copper mining that was going on. One of the buildings that slid down the hill was the town jail. Pretty cool to check out, we thought.

OK, so where is it (zai nar)? We walked around the main part of town, which now consists of a funky combination of artist cooperatives, biker bars, and restaurants. We ate lunch at the Mile High Inn--excellent food! (Check it out next time's right below the Haunted Hamburger.) We strolled around some of the shops (Desi picked up a trilobite). In all of this moseying around, no sign of Sliding Jail.

So we decided to ask the clerk at a convenience store where we grabbed some drinks. "You go down that, no, it's the other way...there's a road that isn't paved..." You get the idea...we walked out no closer to our destination.

Then we got back in the car. There is a ghost town attraction past the edge of town. We drove out that way, but nothing doing. No Sliding Jail.

OK...there's a state park down the mountain a bit...maybe it's there. Drive around some hairpin turns...but no Sliding Jail. (Great views, though!) But wait...there's a map of Jerome...hmm...Sliding Jail seems to be located right near where we ate lunch, before we began all of this running around. So back up the mountain...

According to the map, this is where Sliding Jail should be. Could it be this building? There's no sign. Well, let's take some pictures and say that it is. Thanks Jerome for a fun and weird outing!



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