Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seven Things That Make Bricktown a Cool Spot

1. Bourbon Street Cafe (nice blackened salmon [Norwegian!] and seafood saute...not to mention the cool waiter dude!)

2. The 3-D dungeon ("It was creepy," according to Z-man. Julie's take? "Very cool and full of scary surprises.")

3. The canal (It's gotta be man-made, right? I mean, we're in a neighborhood smack dab in the middle of Oklahoma City!)

4. The white egret chillin' in the middle of the canal (Maybe it is a real body of water!? Unless...hmm...the egret is mechanical...hmm...)

5. The great big American flag (They're still taking it down, right Des?)

6. Drink Z's (Too bad you're not 21 yet, Z!)

7. Refurbished railings to hang on (loads of fun, the kind of fun you'll never read about in any official guide...but that's never stopped us, right gang?)



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