Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sedona To Do List

When we think back on it, we did a lot in Sedona. (Our two meals at the Cowboy Club deserve a shout out.) But, for two reasons, we didn't do nearly as much as we hoped to do. When we first got to Sedona, we were gassed from the Supai experience. And then, in the middle of our stay in Sedona, Steve came down with, of all things, a summer cold (maybe his first ever). So we were definitely in Balla slo-mo for a couple of days. This means that we have a list of things we are desperate to do, next time we hit Sedona (and there will be a next time!). So here we go...

Z-man: Tomcars! What else?

Julie: Definitely Tomcars. And also go out for hikes.

Desi: Sunrise. Sunset. I'd like to check out a vortex for fun. And I'd like to shop more. And Tomcars...

Steve: I can't believe we didn't do a single hike (though we did climb Airport Mesa, check out the observation point, and go to the Chapel of the Holy Cross). I'd also like to mountain bike. And...OK...Tomcars...

~Steve, Desi, Julie, and Z


At 7:49 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

I would also like to see a javalina!



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