Friday, July 20, 2007

Saddleblanket Shopping Spree

It all started as a joke. Mommy and Daddy were joking about how they wanted to get serape ponchos. We decided to go to a store where they sell carpets and serapes. It is supposedly an acre with three acres of parking. When we went in, we looked around in the main section of the store. They had place mats, rugs, tote bags, blankets, serapes, and ponchos. They had cool ponchos for little kids and bigger ones for bigger kids. But for Mommy and Daddy, the big ones cost 40 dollars because they were made out of fleece. Z and I tried on the ponchos that we liked. We carried them around while we looked at the other stuff in the store. Finally we decided to buy the ponchos for 16 dollars. We thought we could use them for cold nights when we sit outside. Even though Mommy and Daddy did not get ponchos, Z and I did.



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