Sunday, July 22, 2007

The River Walk

Well, we've arrived back in the land of the trees, rain, and humidity! San Antonio, much like Oklahoma City a couple of hundred miles to the north, is the tipping point where east meets west (in a topographical kind of way). Driving in from west Texas, we were in the middle of a barren, flat landscape of scrubby bushes and sagebrush (literally no gas station for 100 miles or so!). Leaving on our trek eastward, we found ourselves surrounded by trees and other green vegetation (gas, however, was still relatively hard to come by).

In the midst of this tipping point is San Antonio's main contemporary attraction, the River Walk. I'm usually pretty skeptical about these kinds of places. They often seem forced to me, for whatever reason. (What say y'all?) But not the River Walk. The San Antonio River itself is nothing special. But the surroundings...they are another matter completely. A canopy of live oaks and other sub-tropical foliage (feels like we're getting close to Hilton Head!). A really interesting path that goes right to the river's edge...without a railing! (See...I'm still on that anti-nanny state kick.) Lot's of places to eat. All in all, a well-known attraction that definitely lives up to its billing.



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