Monday, July 02, 2007

Picking Up Where We Left Off

When you're on a 37 day cross-country trip, you are bound to meet some people you know along the way. One group of people we saw were my friend Sydney and her family. I have known Sydney since we were in first grade, when her family lived in Maryland. Since then, they moved to Tennessee and since Tennessee was on our path, we stopped by their house for some lunch and some fun.

We, meaning, Sydney and I, had fun getting captured by Z and Connor (Sydney's 5-year old brother) and helping Cameron (Sydney's 7-year old sister) escape being captured. We also jumped on their trampoline for a little while, but that was short-lived because the boys started squirting us with water guns.

Of course, the adults were talking downstairs, as always. Thanks to a delicious meal, we all got stuffed to the brim. Our visit was summed up when Joe and Jamie (Sydney's parents) took us to see the neighbor's huge backyard pool, which had recently been finished. With hugs till next time, I'd like to say thanks to Sydney and her family for a great visit!



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