Saturday, July 14, 2007

Old Celebrities

When you return to a place that has only 500 residents you look forward to seeing some faces again. For example, there's the "Diet Coke guy" (a guy in his early twenties who never takes his headphones off and sings random songs), Belinda (the woman who checks you into the lodge and who we try to make smile at least once before we leave), Stephanie (a woman who sits for hours at the cafe drinking soda and fanning herself), or Rex Tilousi (former chief of the tribal council and definitely the most philosophic of the people we've met in Supai).

While we did not see Rex and Stephanie was not in her normal hang out (in fact, we thought we saw her several times but we're unsure if it was her or not because a few women look just like her) you know who I really wanted to see...the kids, especially Trevor and Tatiana.

The story of our reunion is an amazing one. Turns out they moved out of the canyon with their parents and five siblings last August and now live in Flagstaff, Arizona so their dad can study at a bible college there. Coincidentally, Joel (the dad) was the guest speaker at the church service we attended on Sunday. Trevor, Tatiana, and a few of their brothers and sisters emerged from a back room of the church where they were attending Sunday school and I could hardly contain myself because I was so happy to see them. I still wanted to take them home with me, but was glad to hear about their family's pursuits.



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