Monday, July 23, 2007

NASA Fist Fight

Note from Daddy: During our visit to Space Center Houston, Julie and Z took a couple of spins through the Martian Maze, a big kiddie play area. This is Z's account of what happened inside the maze...

It started out as a normal play area, just like the ones at McDonald's. We went through twice and had much fun. There was a large slide which we went down once (oh, and Julie had to stay with me or she would get kicked out by the NASA people because she is in 7th grade and 7th graders aren't allowed in without a younger sibling).

When we were back inside the play area there weren't that many kids so a couple of the guns on the third floor were open. The ball machine wasn't working at that time so we had to bring balls up for ourselves and for the other kids, from the bottom area. When we were up there a little boy of the age of about three had a big load of balls and dropped a few. Then I picked up a few and put them in my own machine. The little boy got very mad and started yelling at me that he had gone all the way down to the bottom and brought up these balls.

Then a boy about the age of seven picked up a few of the three year old's balls. The little three year old was so mad he started throwing punches and slaps at the other boy. Then another boy came up who was with the seven year old and watched them. The two boys were laughing at the little kid and finally the little kid cornered the seven year old and punched him in the stomach and slapped him on his face. Then the two boys ran off laughing and jumping. Then the little boy looked around and saw that all of his balls had been picked up by other kids. He was so mad that he stormed off. Here ends my tale of the NASA fist fight.


PS: We saw the little boy later at our dinner restaurant.


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