Monday, July 23, 2007

Moon Rocks

At NASA, there are a series of different activities you can go through. They include going on a tram to view the places where the real astronauts work, "feeling" the sensation of blast off (not really), and watching a video about when we first sent a man to the moon and going through an exhibit about it.

The last thing was something we really wanted to do because in the exhibit following the film, you could see real moon rocks. The problem was that we had already been on the tram and through the blast off activity so it was almost time for them to close. By the time we got to the area where the film and exhibit were, the last group had already gone in. Luckily, the lady working there allowed us to go in even though it had already started.

When we got in, the film was already started. It showed the people who first went to the moon, when they left Earth, when they got to the moon, and what they did there. When the film finished, it was time to go into the exhibit. We skipped everything and went right to the moon rock room. When we walked in, there was a model of what a lab would look like with moon rocks, soil, and microscopes showing what the moon rocks look like up close. Then, right in the middle, was a moon rock you could actually touch! I was so excited that you could touch the moon. Touching the moon was one of my favorite things about going to the Johnson Space Center.



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