Wednesday, July 25, 2007


When we saw a huge blockade on several streets in the French Quarter (New Orleans) we had to check out what was going on. As we approached the location, we could see large trucks with the words "K-Ville" on them. Someone told us they were filming a movie. Mommy thought that it had something to do with Johnny Knoxville because of what it said on the trucks.

When we went to a restaurant, the host told us that they were filming something having to do with Miami Vice. Then our waiter told us that they were filming a docu-drama about the News Orleans police force after Hurricane Katrina.

After dinner, we went back to check out what was going on. They kept saying "rolling," and then, "cut," but nothing seemed to be happening. It seemed like everyone was just standing around and you couldn't tell the difference between the people working and the people who were just watching. They had big black curtains hanging from buildings and really bright lights everywhere.

Finally, we decided to leave. When we returned to the hotel, Daddy looked up K-Ville on the computer. He found out that it was a Fox TV show that will be starting in the fall about the New Orleans police force after Hurricane Katrina.

The next day when we returned to the French Quarter, they were filming a few streets down behind a curtain and someone was singing. They had put lights all over the street so it looked really cool. Nothing was really going on again so we decided to get ice cream. So if in the fall, anyone is watching K-Ville, don't be surprised if you see us in the background.



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