Thursday, July 26, 2007

Half a Million Georges

There's this Irish pub in Pensacola called McGuire's, the quintessential place to eat in town (thanks Donnie!). McGuire's is cool on a number of fronts.

The food is excellent. Let's face it...if you don't have this as an eatery, you don't have anything. The Shepherd's Pie was a stand out, as was the mushroom and tenderloin dish that Desi had.

People staple dollar bills to the ceiling and walls. This tradition apparently started years ago and customers have been initiating themselves in this way ever since. In fact, there is now more than $500,000 hanging from up there...including four bills courtesy of the Ballas.

The bathrooms are deliberately labeled to get you to go into the wrong one. Now, I'm sure regulars have no problem with this. But, as a newbie, I went down the long corridor, past a bunch of dining rooms, past the wine cellar, following this guy who seemed to know where he was going. I never looked up, although I was kind of surprised that there were no urinals. It was only much later, when Julie and Z came back from their bathroom run and reported the doorway confusion, that I realized the truth...yes, I had taken care of business in the women's room!



At 10:38 AM, Blogger Dan said...

I think its so cool that you guys do this...I want to follow your path one day!



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