Sunday, July 22, 2007

Get Your Facts Learned

True or False:

(1) The Alamo was originally called Mision San Antonio de Valero.

(2) The United States won the Battle of the Alamo.

(3) Texas was once its own country.

(4) Daniel Boone helped defend the Alamo.

(5) There is now a Hyatt inside the grounds of the Alamo as they existed in 1836.

(6) General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was lynched shortly after the Battle of the Alamo.

(7) Alamo is the Spanish word for "cottonwood."

(8) The Alamo is a huge, solitary building located in the middle of a dirt field.


(1) True. What is now known as the Alamo served as the home to Spanish missionaries and native converts for nearly seventy years.

(2) False. The United States wasn't even an official party in the battle, which was part of the Texas Revolution (which itself occurred within the larger context of the Mexican civil war).

(3) True. Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1836 and was its own autonomous nation until 1845, when it joined the United States.

(4) False. Another famous frontiersman, David Crockett, was there with a group of Tennessee volunteers.

(5) True. The Alamo is smack dab in the middle of downtown San Antonio, with all of its offices and tourist attractions.

(6) False. Although the rebel Texians lost the Battle of the Alamo (where all 200 or so defenders were massacred), they spared Santa Anna his life a month later when they turned the tables and won their independence from Mexico.

(7) True. There are tons of cottonwood trees all over the southwest.

(8) False. But that's what you were expecting, right Des?



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