Friday, July 20, 2007

The Chaos of the Street

Steve: So guys, what are the similarities and differences between Ciudad Juarez and and that other Mexican border town?

Z: They look pretty much exactly alike because they both are the same place!

Steve: How about you Julie?

Julie: I think they're different in some ways and the same in others. Because it seems like it's more immediate that you walk into the place where it's locals in Ciudad Juarez, but in Tijuana you went through all touristy stuff. It took a lot longer to get where the locals actually hang out. They both have touristy shops which are not places where the locals would hang out. They both have that kind of stuff. They both look the same in terms of the types of buildings.

Steve: Mama? Anything?

Desi: Less glitz in Juarez. Not as much "come into my store." But it looks the same in terms of the run down nature of the town.

Julie: I have something to add. It seemed like people didn't want to sell as much in Ciudad Juarez. It seemed like there were more pharmacies.

Desi: Food was good. And I drank the water.

Z: What about you Dad?

Steve: There's something about the chaos of the street in the developing world that just draws me to it. The whole idea that curb heights aren't uniform and prices aren't fixed makes me both appreciate the regulations we live under and crave the opportunity to escape our over-regulated society. Must be the anarchist in Mexico!!!

~Steve, Desi, Julie, and Z


At 2:29 AM, Blogger Macefamily said...

AHHH I can't believe you drank the water. I realize you are not that deep into Mexico, but still- UGH!!!! That's probably why there's more pharmacies there. I wish your insides well. You are a far braver women then me. ~Donna PS Stay away from the ice cubes.


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