Saturday, July 14, 2007

Buying Product in Supai

One of the funny things about Supai is how incredibly expensive everything is. Normally, we associate expensive with places like Beverly Hills, not small towns where there are no paved roads, street lights, or other modern amenities. The reason for this dichotomy? Supai's remote location.

There are four places in Supai where you can buy food, drink, and other basic necessities. The cafe (lots of fried food), the general store (which will have Gatorade one day but not the next), and the Sinyella store (which is run by a family out of their house). The fourth place, which we just discovered this year, is run by a nice guy named Rudy (also out of his house, which is pictured).

Rudy and all the others get their supplies in this way. They take a helicopter up to the rim, where they have a car parked. They then drive several hours to Flagstaff, Kingman, Las Vegas, or some other city in this part of the country. At their destination they stock up on whatever it is they are going to sell (ice cream is a big attraction at Rudy's). They then drive back to the hilltop and pay the helicopter pilot to sling their goods down into the village ($125 a sling). Voila...your $1.50 can of Dr. Pepper has arrived...



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