Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Texan Shoot Off!

"Pow!" the sound effects shouted. "Pow!" another 'bullet' sounds as Mommy, Daddy, Z, and I practice our shooting. The contest for best score at shooting targets in the shooting gallery at the Big Texan would start any minute. (Yes, we went back to the Big Texan again this year on our way through Amarillo, Texas. We couldn't resist!) We had arranged that the girls would go head-to-head and the boys would go head-to-head. Then, for the final round, the girls' winner would go head-to-head with the boys' winner. This idea was created during lunch over a meal of steak, grilled cheese, and chicken fingers.

But since we hadn't practiced our shooting for a year (the last time we were at the Big Texan), we had a couple practice turns to try out our aim. Then the practice turns were over and the showdown began!

First the boys went. Since we all decided that the pistols were easier to handle than the rifles we were all on equal ground. The start buttons were pushed and the boys began firing. 100, 200, 300, 400, it was neck and neck. Finally they both finished all 15 of their shots as Daddy pulled ahead with 1200 while Z was left with 1100. Daddy had won round one but it was left to the girls to decide who he would be up against.

Now, for some strange reason, when up against pressure, I seem to have awful aim when it comes to shooting. This differs from when I am not against pressure when I get close to perfect scores. So as our start buttons were pushed I was an amateur compared to Mommy's diligent and almost perfect aim. With a score of only 600 to show for it I lost to Mommy's 900. She got to move to the next round and face Daddy for a winner's prize (something from the gift shop!).

Z and I pushed the start buttons and the final round began. We shouted their scores as each bullet hit the target. Daddy finished quickly with a score of 1100. It was up to Mommy to decide the winner. She had three shots left when she missed one. Mommy had to make one of the next two shots to win. She made both of them and won the shoot off with the score 1300. We were all excited about Mommy's win and we headed over to the gift shop to get her a prize. The bulky Big Texan key chain, which now hangs on her key ring, shows that Mommy is the Big Texan shoot off champion!



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