Monday, July 02, 2007

Backseat Trouble

If you want to get pulled over by a police officer, let me ride in the very back of your car. Ask Andrew...I've done it twice to him, including the other day in Asheville.

We were going back to the hotel from a great dinner at Early Girl Eatery (an awesome nouveau Southern cuisine place). Desi and I were sitting on the floor in the back of the minivan (the third seat had been taken out). Last year, it was Z and I, in the back-facing seat of the Crown Vic wagon (a sweet ride!).

That first time, the officer wanted to check to see if Z was old enough to ride in the third seat (he was). This time? It turns out Andrew's rear lights were out.

Coincidence, you say? Perhaps...How about we test my "troublemaker" theory next time we all get together?



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