Saturday, June 02, 2007

That's a Moose

So I decided to push the envelope a little further on my mountain bike ride this afternoon. I rode out on the North Fork Trail well beyond where I turned back yesterday. This took me higher and higher up the keep going, I had to continually remind myself how much fun it would be coming back!

There were some definite payoffs to all of this extra effort. More incredible scenery, of course. In addition, I eventually got high enough where all of the snow hasn't yet melted. Too bad there was no one to throw a snowball at! And then, as I was winging around a corner, there was a moose, grazing right at the edge of the trail.

As I rode up, the moose picked up its head and stared at me. I was both in awe and kinda terrified. I mean, here is this huge animal, and it's just me and him (her?), miles from civilization. After what seemed like a few minutes, but was probably only a matter of seconds, the moose turned around and went walking into the woods. It was then that I recovered my wits enough to snap this picture. So yes, that's a moose that I had a beautiful close encounter with high up in Gallatin National Forest.



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