Friday, June 29, 2007

Si Hai Wei Jia

For years now, Desi and the kids have had this tradition of making t-shirts at the beginning of the summer. "Camp Mommy" shirts, they call them. Well, this year, for the second time, I've joined in the fun. This is only right, as they won't be able to get away from me for the next 37 days!

Our artistic leader (Desi, of course...who did you think it was!?) decided that this year our theme would be an old Chinese proverb, "Four Seas Like Home." This nicely captures the idea that wherever the road leads, it will be like home to us (so long as we are together!). It also gave Desi a chance to practice her Chinese calligraphy, which is unbelievable for a xifang ren!

As far as the artwork goes, each one of us had to pick a place we are visiting on the trip, draw it on our shirt, and copy everyone else's spot. Z chose the Harbour Town lighthouse (not too hard...thanks Z!). For Julie, it was White Sands, New Mexico (uh, how do you depict white sands on a white t-shirt?). Desi appropriately selected a musical theme, Beale Street in Memphis. As for me, the Alamo.

The best part about the shirts? When we put them on, it means that the Balla family 2007 road trip has officially begun!



At 2:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! you guys are amazing....i'll probably read some of it later...way too much reading at this hour! the shirts look amazing! I hope you guys are having loads of fun!


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