Monday, June 04, 2007

Ode to Julie

It is difficult to believe that a dozen years have gone by. It seems like only yesterday that I was holding my 10 1/2 pounder for the very first time. I remember heading to Durham Regional Hospital in Durham, NC on a beautiful Sunday morning. The sky was bright blue. Unfortunately, McDonalds was changing over to lunch so a gravy biscuit was out of the question. McDonalds before delivery, you ask? Well I was about to embark on quite an energy-draining experience. Thank goodness they still super-sized at that time so Steve and I could share a 2-cheeseburger meal with sweet tea.

At 2:39pm, a beautiful round-headed, rosebud-lipped, chubby-cheeked ray of sunshine was born and it has been heaven in the Balla household ever since.

As for me, Julie is the perfect daughter to have. "Mini-me with a twist," I always say. A true girly-girl who loves pink, marches to her own beat, and never worries what others will think. Standing up for all she believes to be right and getting the job done deliberately and conscientiously. (Not to mention sporting a conscience the size of Alaska!) The twist? Julie is not afraid to take chances. She'll try new things in a heartbeat, even if it it physically, mentally or sensory-challenging (alligator nuggets, anyone?) No hesitation, no trepidation. I've learned from her how exciting it can be to welcome new experiences openly. For this reason and a million others, Julie is a true blessing!

Happy 12th Birthday to my Spygirl J, my Barbie doll, my Love-bug!



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