Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Li Song Wei

Three years ago, a boy named "Mark" embarked on a great adventure, moving with his family from Xinhui to Silver Spring. Little did he realize that he would immediately have a pesky di di to play basketball with (hui shuo!) and three other Ballas to pontificate on everything from selecting a college to cultural differences between China and the US (as if we really know anything about this!) to the right way of folding and eating a slice of pizza (now this we can say something about!).

Despite all of our meddling, Song Wei, you have turned into an impressive young man. It's not just the perfect test scores (although those are pretty killer!). It's the community volunteerism, tennis playing, and overall quiet way of going about your business that are so wonderful to be around.

May the next stage of your adventure be filled with as much growth as the one you have just ended!



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