Saturday, June 23, 2007

Go Get 'um Baba!

Tomorrow morning Steve will embark on a whole new chapter in physical fitness. We're truly proud of him and wish him well. The following are a few thoughts from the kids and me before the big Tri...

Julie: It sounds like a hard race to me but daddy has been training for a while now so I think he's ready!

Z-man: I think daddy is going to have a hard time with those hills...I think he'll be the best at swimming.

Me: After surveying the course (we drove through it this afternoon...holy mackerel, those hills!!!) I can see that a true challenge awaits you but I know your training in addition to your fortitude will propel you through the finish line. I'm so excited to be able to watch you tomorrow and glad that we continue to be able to "draft" off your desires to mix things up!

No frills, just good skills.



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