Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue and I

Z: Blue and I love doing stuff like wrestling, petting each other, kissing, and licking each other. In wrestling, Blue tries to bite my arms because I am on all fours. I like tackling her and she likes laying on me. I love petting her and somtimes she puts her paws on me. She loves to lick my face because she loves me.

Blue: I love Z because we are good play partners. Right now I am laying next to him telling him what to write. Dad just took a picture of Z writing and me laying next to him. Z loves petting me and I love to kiss or lick him. I love Julie too, but she is sick so I try to make her better. I love my Uncle Cameron too and he gives me advice. Although he likes to lay low, we still play together. I don't like the crate but Uncle Cameron says I'll grow out of it soon. I can't wait, but I love my life. I love writing blogs too!

~Z and Blue


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