Friday, June 01, 2007

Altitude Matters

So here's the post-script on that early morning run. Turns out my running partner is a marathoner (just did Boston this spring). Luckily, he willingly indulged me as I huffed and puffed my way around Big Sky, because he really could have left me in his dust. I have a feeling that my fellow triathletes won't be so accommodating!

The big thing out here is the altitude and how it changes, in terms of impacting one's performance. It's, of course, what makes the area so stunningly beautiful. But it's also the natural feature that makes aerobic activity so much more difficult than "back East" in the flatlands.

I really learned this (again!) on a mountain bike ride I just finished. I don't know what the elevation climb was, but at times I felt like I was riding in the Tour de France, trying to drag my sorry rear end up the Pyrenees or Alps. Plus, the ride itself started at something like 6600 feet elevation, already taxing my limited strength capabilities.

So here's what I've resolved to do. Stay here until the triathlon! I figure that if I jet back to the low lands right before the race, all of this altitude training will make a real difference in my results. So come on out and join me Ballas!



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