Wednesday, May 30, 2007

(Z)Mannin' the Grill

My inner cave man is not loving life these days. You see, it's barbecue season, time to cook some meat over the raging open fire (especially since I ditched that propane grill a few years back, in favor of an old school charcoal set up). Normally, the fun's all mine...but here's what happened the other day...

We were on a biking excursion through the woods along the C&O Canal towpath, from Point of Rocks, MD to Harper's Ferry, WV. We each were carrying a backpack filled with barbecue supplies--one with meat, one with paper products and condiments, one with drinks, one with veggies. (With a small bag of Match Light briquets thrown in somewhere.)

Ready to chow down, we pulled off the trail in Brunswick, MD, where there's a picnic table and grill alongside the Potomac River. Who stacked the charcoal into a pyramid? Z-man. Who lit the fire? Z-man. Who cleaned the grill top? Z-man. Who cooked the dogs and veggies? Z-man.

What's a poor cave man dad to do? I insisted on cooking the burgers myself. It takes a keen eye to get the meat right to ba fen like Desi must have it. Or at least that's how I justified my incursion into Z's grill-fest.

Z-man, may it be the first of many! Ai ni!



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