Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Day on the B&A Trail

Biking on the B&A Trail is a great way to spend a good, old fashioned Saturday. Built on the right-of-way of what was once a rail line, the B&A Trail runs pretty much straight between Glen Burnie and Annapolis, with very little in the way of elevation change. For us, a day on the B&A Trail goes something like this:

Load the bikes onto the back of the minivan and get some snacks and drinks together (including Moroccan mint tea for the 40-minute ride over to the trail!).

Park at the southern end of the trail, unhitch the bikes...and go!

Ride about 14 miles to the northern end of the trail, with a quick stop at the ranger station along the way.

Take a nice break. For Desi and me, this entails sitting and chatting. For the kids, it's all about throwing rocks and sticks into a nearby creek and trying to build a dam.

Head back down the trail.

Stop at Yen's, a great Chinese buffet located right off the trail at about Mile Marker 10.

Ask for chopsticks in Mandarin (Xiaojie, qing gei women kuaizi.), much to the surprise and befuddlement of the staff and other customers.

Fully stuffed (hen bao le), pedal down to Mile Marker 5, where there is a school with a playground. During a game of hide-n-seek, Z finds a great spot...inside a sewer drain! (Desi loved that one!)

Bike the rest of the way back to the car, stow the bikes, and head home.

Mow the grass when we get back. (Talk about a pair of nut jobs!)



At 12:52 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

That's the front AND back lawn, I might add!!!
Also, the B & A Trail has always been one of my favorites but there has been a small disappointment as of late...there used to be a cart that made snow cones (Baltimore is famous for "snowballs") but they have not set up shop there in a while. I wish they would make a return appearance! (For the record, my favorite flavor was GRAPE!)


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