Monday, May 07, 2007

A 4th Grade View of Annapolis

Here are a couple things that were said when Z's 4th grade class took a field trip to Annapolis the other day.

You have to pay a dollar for every minute you are late. This was the law that Z laid down to me before the trip. He was referencing the fact that I have a history of showing up in the nick of time to chaperone field trips, causing Julie and him considerable stress.

He overcame a lot of difficulties. Z and his partner Cedric, talking about Alex Haley, the famous author and subject of a statue in the harbor at Annapolis. I had to convince them that the plaque was actually referring to Haley's ancestors, like Kunta Kinte, who arrived in America at that very spot.

They have leather chairs. Cedric's main insight into what is distinctive about the House of Delegates chamber inside the Maryland State House. For his part, Z noted the marble walls.

He has a lot of protection. This was a comment Z offered as we walked by the gated governor's mansion. Z also noted that there were security cameras hidden in the trees. Hidden so well, in fact, that he couldn't see any.

Z and Cedric were happy to point out that, two years ago, Desi chaperoned this trip and her pair was Julie and Cedric's sister Corrine. A nice parallel, for sure. Too bad, though, for Calixte, Cedric and Corrine's brother who will head to Annapolis next year. But cheer up Calixte. After my performance as a chaperone, you might be better off without might actually learn something about Annapolis and its real history!


PS: Ask Cedric about his brownie a la mode. (I think they're still talking about it at Chick and Ruth's Delly!) We may not learn what we're supposed to, but we sure do eat!


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