Thursday, April 05, 2007

To the Head of the Class (Almost) it isn't rocket science (or the theory of relativity, for that matter)...but I have at least regained and maintained some of my college hoops dignity. With Florida beating Ohio State for the national championship the other night (as I correctly forecasted when the brackets were first announced), I ended up finishing just outside of the top 10% of the millions of brackets that were submitted to 89.2% to be exact...not bad, considering where I was after that ridiculous first weekend...

But before I get too full of myself, there is this...At home, we had our own little side bet. Whoever picks the most number of games correctly (of the 64 that are played), gets to choose a dinner spot for the five of us (Song Wei was in on the deal). No weighting to account for the higher stakes of later round games or anything like that. Just pick 'em before the tournament begins and add 'em up when things are over. The winner, with 44 correct picks...DESI!!! As for guessed it...last place...


PS: So what's it gonna be, Des?


At 10:21 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Hey guys, you should have been cheering for big red....Rutgers ladies did awesome! Des, where is that Scarlet Knight pride?


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