Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Home Court Advantage

Well kinda...

This past weekend when I dragged my family 100 miles for a meal (do you think they'll let me pick Mother's Day lunch???), we decided to take a quick side trip to Franklin & Marshall College, Steve's alma mater. We try to visit there once or twice a year because it is a great place for us to reminisce and it is close enough for a day trip. As a new addition to our stop we brought our tennis rackets for a mini workout at the tennis courts (after all, we needed to work off some of that lunch!) Back in the day, Steve graced the F&M courts with his tennis expertise. But these were not the same courts...F&M has just opened a beautiful new tennis stadium, equipped with state-of-the-art hard courts and beautifully designed viewing areas, including a raised perch with very comfortable seating. As usual, F&M has produced a first class facility, impressive in style and quality...and the perfect place for:
  • Steve and Song Wei to compete in a world class tie-breaker
  • Julie and I to play barefoot tennis with pink tennis balls
  • Song Wei and Z to try their hand at "double court tennis" (a game that Z made up and one you might read about some day in a Dr. Seuss book! Thanks to Song Wei for being such a great sport!)
I know these are not the types of matches Steve encountered at F&M nor are they on the same courts proper. Yet I think he'll agree that old can meet new in beautiful harmony (and complete chaos, as was the case with this visit!). So as an honorary Fummer, I deem this a wonderful addition to our memory bank and the site of future pandemonium.



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