Wednesday, March 07, 2007


For my birthday, my friends who moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania came to my party. I have three friends in that family, and at the party they went as Lewis, Ray, and Raven. They got me a cute puppy that is a pug (my favorite kind of dog) and a few other things. The pug had a tag on it...and inside the tag was a piece of paper...and on that piece of paper was a code. I went to a web site which is called There I typed in the code, filled out a form, and made his name Duke. The animal I adopted (Duke) is a pug that looks like the stuffed animal that I received. On the web site, everything is animals. You can play games, get jobs, and do many other things. I haven't really explored other things on the web site beside these things...but I will soon! This present was awesome! Thank you Jacob, Justin, and Arianna!!!



At 1:53 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Hi! The pug is really cute. I would say that is a grand gift. Have a great day and good luck. You could also peep into my blog on birthday ecards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and other interesting info.

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