Monday, March 12, 2007

Into the Pool

So yesterday was Selection Sunday, the day when the brackets for the NCAA men's basketball tournament are announced. It is an exciting time, one that epitomizes for me (as a fomer, mediocre NCAA athlete) the hope that anything is possible on the playing field. A nice, clean bracket sheet is pleasing both analytically (which 12 seed is going to beat a 5 this year?) and artistically (there's something beautiful and cool about all of those lines and letters). OK...maybe I'm over thinking all of this...

Of course, overthinking is what everyone does with the tournament, including the talking heads on TV. For my money, these guys were over the top last night with their criticisms of who got in and who got left out. Here's one line of argument (from the same pundit) that really drove me nuts.

The selection committee chose only 6 mid-majors for the 34 at-large bids. They didn't reward the little guy, like Drexel!

What a shame that major conference teams like Syracuse and Florida State didn't make it. These teams did everything the committee asked!

So which is it guys? Just who is it that got the raw deal? You can't have it both/all ways...

OK, so I apparently think I'm an about putting my money where my mouth is? Sure...

Early upsets (separated by more than three seeding spots): Old Dominion over Butler, Davidson over Maryland, George Washington over Vanderbilt

Final Four sleeper (seeded lower than number 3): Texas ( long-shot George Mason-types this year...the top teams are just too good)

Final Four picks: Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, Ohio State

Championship game: Florida over Ohio State, 87-81


PS: I'm jumping into another pool this week. It's time to begin the swimming part of my triathlon training. I'm dreading this even more than the running...


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