Thursday, March 01, 2007

Decade Dude

Today our big guy turns 10 so I'm sending out a BIG Happy Birthday to you, Z!

It's hard to believe that Zoli has been around for an entire decade. While he was a bit apprehensive about flipping to double digits, he did so, quite nicely while he was sleeping, at 1:06 am.

It doesn't take much for me to recall his birth. It was a mild evening in February and I was trying hard to deliver him before the calendar changed to March...only because Steve and I had a bet. Steve was convinced that Z would be a March baby and I thought February. I know that Steve won but Z made it a close race. When he arrived he was 8lbs, 7oz (just a little guy compared to Julie who "paved the way" at 10lbs, 8oz). While we had a few name choices with us, he was a Zoli from the moment we saw him...visions of the Cameron Crazies (Duke fans) chanting Zeeeee-maaaan as he runs down the court sealed the deal.

Time has certainly flown since that first day. 10 years encompasses a multitude of memories. I often tell Z that he needs to stop growing (or I'll put him in "time out") but that doesn't seem to be working. But it's all good. Each stage, in its own way has been wonderful. Steve reminds me often that I should enjoy the moment so I do. I do fondly sneak a peak at those past times once in a while, though, too! Yes, that birthing video will be making it's appearance this evening (much to my family's chagrin!!!).

In any case, Happy Birthday to you, Z, our little guy, our "nun-yuh," our noodle. With your birthday comes the promise of spring, the excitement of the Duke-UNC game, and, undoubtedly, a trip to Mamma Lucia's! Let the party begin!



At 10:35 PM, Blogger Donna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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