Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Chili-Eating Chihuahua

There once was a chihuahua named Chili. The reason for his unusual name was that he had a nonstop love for chili. At his home in Siam, he often ordered different types of chili from different parts of the USA and Mexico. But one day Chili realized that he wasn’t satisfied with his frozen chili, especially because he had to wait for it to come. His interpretation of this thought was that he had to travel to some place where he could get chili every day and he could go to the store and eat it that moment without having to wait for it to come by mail. That was how it all started, with Chili deciding that he needed more chili.

Well when Chili shared his plan to take a flight to Chihuahua, Mexico in someone’s baggage, to his family, they were extremely depressed. But that did not stop Chili from getting his chili. He made arrangements with a couple of peons who were working to make up debt to the Mexican government, to fly in their baggage to Mexico and then they would have a dispersal and go their separate ways. Chili would pay his debt by buying them each a meal of chili in Chihuahua. Chili had his perfect plan made for how he would get more chili. It was just his impatience holding him up now.

On the day of his flight, Chili shaved, washed his face, put cologne on, and said goodbye to his family, who was defiantly sad to say goodbye to their favorite little chihuahua named Chili. As Chili drove to the airport in his latest technology dog car, he thought of how wonderful it would be to have as much chili as he could possibly get, right down the street at the store, instead of having to order it by mail. He was hypnotized as he walked through the airport doors to the designated meeting place for him and the peons. His feet made a hollow sound as he walked across the linoleum floor. Since it was 4:30 am on Wednesday, the airport wasn’t as crowded as usual. A group of people, who matched the description of the peons, was standing to the side of the terminal. He joined them and the journey was begun.

In the cargo hold of the plane, Chili slept soundly. He was sometimes considered the “Maestro of Sleep” in Siam. Not even turbulence in the plane woke him. A technician even entered the cargo hold once, but Chili did not wake. When the plane finally reached Chihuahua after a 15-hour flight, Chili awoke to find himself hungry for chili. He only had to wait a little longer until he would be able to eat chili nonstop. As the cargo was unloaded, Chili peaked out of the suit case he was in to get a look at his surroundings. He was faced with the most amazing sight. It was a building labeled The Chili Kingdom with its pinnacle reaching the sky. This was the most amazing moment in Chili’s life.

When Chili had finally met back up with the peons and had gotten out of the airport, he just had to find The Chili Kingdom. He could see it from where he was in the parking lot, so he decided to take a cab there. He hailed a cab that said ”Bozo’s Cab Service” on it. The cab took him to The Chili Kingdom, a chili-eating chihuahua’s heaven. There, Chili bought chili to repay the peons and bought himself a lifetime supply of CHILI!




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