Friday, February 23, 2007

"We're Goin' to Sonic...And We're Gonna Get Free Food. We're Goin' to Sonic...And We're Gonna Get Free Food."

We don't really know how we decided we wanted to go to Sonic, but all of a sudden Julie made up this song. The reason we said and we're gonna get free food is that we thought we were going to see the people from the Sonic commercials and we thought they were going to give us free food.

And by the way, the Sonic commercials are so funny. Have you seen the latest one? It's so funny. The guy puts whipped cream from his Sweet Heart Sundae (which Mommy won't leave Sonic without) on his face like a mustache and says to his wife, "Who am I being? This union can't happen." "Umm, my Uncle Harry," the lady said. "No, no, listen. You are not right for each other," the guy said. "Umm, my grandfather," the lady guessed. The guy presently tried several more times but the lady named several other family members who were not the answer the guy was looking for. He finally says, "That many people didn't want you to marry me!"

So anyway Julie started chanting this because she had seen Sonic on the way to Rehoboth and Z quickly caught on. We chanted and chanted until we pounded Mommy and Daddy into submission. (Z likes to say that we made them submission pee.) Once, Daddy even tried to trick us by saying that we had passed Sonic already but we didn't give up. We kept chanting.

Finally, Z saw the Sonic sign and we convinced Daddy to turn in. We were so happy that we didn't even know what to order. So we ordered tater tots and chicken strips. But then, our food took so long to come out that Mommy had to go talk to the manager of the Sonic and eventually we got our food. (Mommy never got her Sweet Heart Sundae.)

~Julie and Zoli


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