Wednesday, February 28, 2007

See It Like a Baby

So this past weekend was the New York City listening party for Marillion's upcoming release, Somewhere Else. Kenny's Castaways, the bar/club where the event was held, is located in the heart of Greenwich Village, right on Bleeker Street.

As we strolled up to Kenny's, there was a group of Marillion fans milling about on the sidewalk. They had come back out into the cold because there was a dramatic reading going on inside that was apparently pretty boring (at least to the ears of people itching to hear new tuneage from Los Marillos). We decided to head in and check out the scene for ourselves.

Once inside, we found a small table right in front of the stage and pulled up a couple of chairs. The reading was over in a few minutes and, before too long, Pete Trewavas and Steve Rothery took the stage to introduce the new album. We all then spent the next 50 minutes or so listening to Somewhere Else in its entirety.

This was an interesting time, and not only because of the songs themselves. I found myself glancing around the room, to see what other people were doing. Some seemed to be doing very little listening, preferring to talk amongst themselves. Others were totally absorbed in the music, nodding their heads, closing their eyes. As for us, we did a little of both, chatting and listening.

Once the album had finished, Pete and Rothers jumped back on stage and proceeded to play a set of four classic Marillion songs--Eighty Days, Easter, Sugar Mice, and The Answering Machine. This was fascinating, in part because Pete was handling the vocals. (H and the rest of the band were hosting listening parties around Europe.) I have to say, the vibe was great, with lots of singing along and some classic Rothery poses.

The party was capped off with a second playing of Somewhere Else, which was very helpful from a retention point of view. (It really is hard to get a sense of new music, even top-notch new music, on just one listen.) The only downer of it all? It will be more than a month until we get to listen to the album again...and again...and again...



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