Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stride Rite, Stride Wrong

For as long as we've been hiking I could never understand why everyone (Steve, the kids, all passersby including an 80 year old woman on the Great Wall of China) seems to walk faster than me. Today as we hiked up Old Rag, a beautiful mountain in Virginia, the usual thought crossed my mind as I lagged behind as per usual.

Is it that I just walk slow or is there some other more mysterious reason? In an effort to solve this I commissioned my fellow hikers to perform a stride measurement. Sure enough, it is my stride that is the culprit. When compared with Steve, it takes me 4 extra steps to go as far as he does in 10. Compared with Z, it is close to 4 as well. As far as a comparison with Julie is concerned, it would take me around 3 additional steps to equal her 10 step distance.

No wonder they are always waiting for me to catch up. It takes me almost 50% more steps than them to achieve the same goal. I am both bewildered and befuddled by this and I'm not sure how I can correct it. I wonder if Dr. 90210 can give me a bigger stride. (I know he can increase and decrease a lot of other parts so why not this?) In any case, I'll keep pressing on and just hope my family understands that I am stride-challenged. There has to be some coverage in the ADA for that, no? If not, I guess they'll either have to wait up or leave me in their dust. (I'll bring my Swiffer!)



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