Thursday, January 04, 2007

Inside Cameron

Now that Z has told you about how he was famous outside Cameron Indoor Stadium, I will tell you about what happened when we went inside.

At around 11:30 am, we were allowed to go inside Cameron. (For those of you who don't know what Cameron is, it's Duke's basketball stadium.) We headed upstairs to find our seats. Our two sets of tickets were a few rows away from one another. Z and I sat in Row B in the second level and Mommy and Daddy sat in Row I in the second level. Mommy and Daddy could see us from their seats.

Since Cameron is such a small stadium, there is no need for screens, and any seat in the stadium is a good spot to watch the game from. It feels more like a house full of family members than a stadium full of strangers. Mommy and Daddy even let us go to the bathroom on our own, where as if we were in, say, the Verizon Center, they would never let us do that.

So anyway, when we got to our seats, we found that Uncle Pete had left some papers on our seats. They were about the game. We watched the players practice and the fans file in. Eventually, the scoreboard showed how long it would be till the game started. We got our snacks for the game, took last minute bathroom breaks, and then got in our seats.

The players were introduced and the game started. All of us did the chants and cheers that were led by the students. (Z and I did accidentally knock over our drink.) I was very happy to see what happened at timeouts. (I have always wondered.) Z and I were very happy that our first game in Cameron Indoor Stadium concluded with a win!



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